jeudi 13 avril 2017

Post doc position

Alexey Glukhov is currently looking for a postdoc to join his lab in Wisconsin:
Actually, we are looking for someone with experience in confocal microscopy and fluorescent imaging from live cells, like to measure calcium transients and action potentials from live cardiomyocytes, or stem cells and intact tissues. Like cardiac electrophysiology and optical mapping/confocal imaging. We have here several systems for different imaging, including IonOptics for simultaneous contraction and calcium transient imaging, confocal microscope for calcium transients/sparks recordings (similar to what Markus was doing at Ken's lab), and the whole-heart optical imaging (like me or Jen did at Imperial). Do you know any one with such expertise?“

This position will be supported from two sources: primarily by the UW2020 initiative (here is a link on it ) and by a couple of other grants between Drs. Timothy Kamp ( and Alexey Glukhov ( We are looking for someone with experience in cardiac electrophysiology, confocal imaging of live cells, and fluorescent optical mapping of cardiac tissues.